How Meta Advertisers Can Avoid the 30% Apple Charge for Boosted Posts

How Meta Advertisers Can Evade the Apple Charge for Boosted Posts
Small businesses utilizing Facebook and Instagram for content promotion now have a solution for avoiding Apple’s 30% service charge. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is offering a new option that allows advertisers to boost their posts without incurring the additional cost imposed by Apple.
The functionality will be accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, providing advertisers with the same features available through the iOS apps. This means businesses can boost content directly without having to pay Apple.
This development is particularly beneficial for small businesses as it helps them avoid unnecessary charges and save money. By removing the 30% service charge, Meta is empowering advertisers to maximize their budgets and allocate funds more effectively.
Apple’s service charge, implemented later this month, applies when advertisers use the Facebook or Instagram iOS apps to boost a post. The billing process is handled by Apple, which retains the 30% service charge on the total ad payment, excluding taxes. It’s crucial to note that this fee goes directly to Apple, rather than Meta.
Boosted posts are a convenient way for businesses to promote specific content without the need to set up a comprehensive campaign in Ads Manager. It simplifies the process and allows organizations to quickly reach their target audience.
To adapt to Apple’s new payment process, advertisers using iOS devices will need to prepay funds in advance. If these funds are added within the iOS app, the Apple service charge is applied. However, if advertisers add funds from payment settings on desktop or mobile browsers, they can boost content without incurring any fees, including through the iOS apps.
Initially, the new payment process and Apple service charge will launch in the US. However, additional markets will also be subject to this fee later in the year. Nonetheless, advertisers globally can still avoid the Apple service charge by directly boosting content from Facebook.com or Instagram.com.
Meta acknowledges the necessity of complying with Apple’s guidelines but emphasizes the importance of providing businesses with viable options. In a statement, Meta stated that they are committed to supporting small businesses by making boosting posts convenient and flexible. They have invested in alternative methods to enable businesses to promote their content effectively.
In conclusion, Meta’s new solution allows advertisers to circumvent the Apple charge for boosted posts on Facebook and Instagram. By offering this option, Meta empowers small businesses to optimize their budgets and maximize the results of their ad spend without being burdened by additional fees. This development highlights Meta’s dedication to providing convenient and accessible advertising options for businesses of all sizes.

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