Unresolved Bug Continues to Plague Mac Audiophiles After 10 Years

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Unresolved Bug Continues to Plague Mac Audiophiles After 10 Years

Despite the love for Macs, there are some persistent issues that frustrate users, especially when Apple takes no action to fix them. One such bug that has been plaguing Mac users for a decade is related to audio balance, where sound is unevenly distributed between the speakers. While third-party fixes exist, it is high time that Apple addresses this issue.

The Third-Party Fix

A Mac user named Fabian, who goes by the Twitter handle @ffaebi, has found a solution to the audio balance problem by using a third-party app called Balance Lock. This app runs in the background and ensures that the audio is evenly balanced between the speakers. When an imbalance is detected, it automatically adjusts the audio and locks it in place. Balance Lock, developed by Tunabelly Software, has been available since 2015 and is compatible with Intel and M-series Macs.

A Decade-Long Bug

According to @ffaebi, the audio balance bug has persisted for almost 10 years, if not longer. Several users have echoed their experiences with this problem on the Apple Support Community online forum. The recommended fixes from users, such as restarting the Mac or disconnecting/reconnecting audio devices, have proven ineffective. It is clear that this is a bug that needs to be addressed by Apple.

The Need for Apple’s Attention

While there is a software fix available, it is not ideal that users have to resort to third-party solutions. The reason behind Apple’s inaction is unclear, but it should not be an excuse. Other “rare” bugs have been fixed by Apple in the past, so this audio balance bug deserves attention and resolution from the company.

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